Allison Bedker
is the founder and President of Gateway of Hope, a network of groups, organizations and individuals fighting to end sex trafficking in metro Detroit. She is a metro Detroit native with more than 17 years of experience as a business analyst for major corporations in the Detroit area. She worked in youth ministry for more than 3 years, half of which has been in the role of a youth minister. She founded Gateway of Hope in August 2011 and has been since been able to make tremendous positive impacts in the lives of women who have been helped by the organization.



Dawn Nash
During my senior year I began my first job as a receptionist with AFCO Manufacturing. While continuing my position with AFCO, I returned to school and obtained my business degree. Over a period of 20 years God positioned me until at His timing I was blessed to purchase the business in 1996.

Although our industry was one of the hardest  hit during the recent economic turmoil, under God’s direction the company has flourished and grown 600% This company has been dedicated to God, and now I have the privileged to steward this ministry. I believe AFCO is a major means to the fulfillment of Isaiah 54.

AFCO has been and is an instrument for me to learn who God is, to be awed by His power, to experience His concern for the smallest details of my life. Our ultimate goal is that lives be changed and above all the He be glorified.

God has currently released me from operations of the company. While I continue to oversee the operations, I am blesses to have the opportunity to pursue the continuing plan God has for my life. My success in life is knowing Him.

Elizabeth English
has a passion for survivors, specifically women and children of
domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking  and sex trafficking. She went to school and university of Detroit Mercy for Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies and graduated in August of 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. She is
currently works at T.E.A.M Mental Health, an agency that provides hebavioral health and substance abuse services and is a Case Manager there.

Elizabeth plans to go back to school for her Masters Degree in Social Work and possibly a law degree. She plans to use there to further her purpose in the Kingdom by working at a faith-based sex and human trafficking agency and being an advocate  and a voice for those who have been abused, raped and hurt so badly that they do not know how to speak for themselves anymore.

Elizabeth's spiritual gifts include healing, prophesy, intercession and worship and she incorporates them into work the she does for the Kingdom. She bases her life on Isaiah 61:1-4 mantle. Her hope is to one day see nations for the Lord abd rescued from the grip of the devil!

Kimberly Werth
graduated from the dental hygiene program at University of Detroit in 1982. She practiced clinical dental hygiene for over 26 years. In 2005, she earned her Masters in Community Counseling from University of Detroit Mercy, she has taught the School of Dentistry’s behavioral science curriculum as a member of the Department of Patient Management.

Kimberly has received multiple awards for her teaching throughout her career. Since becoming a licensed counselor, Ms Werth has volunteered many house providing mental health services at the psychology clinic on UDM’s McNichols campus as well as in the community.

She is provided leadership in multiple professional organizations and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Michigan College Counseling Association. Kimberly is an active member of her local church and has provided leadership and training to the congregation and community.

She is a regular presenter of continuing education courses locally and state wide on multiple subjects of behavioral sciences, improving communication, relationship building, mentoring others, grief recovery, reducing and managing stress, and wellness promotion.

Kimberly currently teaches at the University of Detroit Mecry and is a clinical therapist at Perspective Counseling Center in Troy

Linda Svacha
is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor Who loves the Lord with all her heart, soul and mind. She is the author of “Pass God’s legacy to Your Children: One talk at a Time” which helps parents stay connected and communicate with their children in a way that their children are able to internalize Gods values and carry them into their adult lives. She is the founder and director of Building Strong Families Inc. which offers free counseling classes and seminars to help the family stay strong and united. Linda is married to John and they reside in Canton Michigan. They have four children and seven grandchildren who are all the love of her life.

For more information on her book Building Strong Families, check out

Linda’s Book:

Building Strong Families:

Shonda Brown has worked in the banking field for over 10 years with the majority of that time being spent with TCF National Bank. She has worked on several levels within the banking field but has a primary focus in Retail Banking. Shonda began her banking career as a Sales Associate/Teller at Charter One Bank. Years later she  made the leap to Traditional Branch Banking with TCF National Bank, where her endeavors have led her to a position as an Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Trainer III, Branch Manager and lastly as a Bank Officer at the Taylor, Michigan location.

Shonda has always been committed to developing and playing an integral part in the  community in which she lives and works. Shonda, has both spearheaded and participated in many youth give back programs and volunteer organizations, which include reading programs, mentoring, Kiwanis, Next Generation Neighborhood revitalization programs, and is a part of the Communication and Media Arts High school Alumni Group. She has annually participated in a program called “Teach the Kids to Save” which shares an important lesson on saving as part of a National campaign through the American Bankers Association Education Foundation. She has won many awards for her high level of customer service and community involvement and continues to strive to consistently make a difference!