I want to give God so much Glory and Praise from the top of my head to  the souls of my feet (lol) for what the lord had done in all the beautiful women of God that attended our Women Empowering Women Freedom Conference. We felt the tangible presence of his firey Love and unspeakable Joy!!!!! His peace filled our hearts to rest and trust in him.

The worship team went higher and higher in his presence until we all got lost in his Glory. Chains were breaking off through worship as women danced, shouted and pressed into God's presence to experience his beauty and his heart and affection towards them. During worship, women testified of the goodness and loving-kindness of God in their lives, prophetic words going forth breaking off the spirit of religion, words of exhortation and encouragement from other women declaring freedom over each other!!! I want to thank our Worship team, Leadership team, food team, decorators, administrative team for doing such a great job in making this conference a great success.

Thank you prayer team for your dedication and commitment contending for all the women that were lining up in the altars and in the aisles to get prayer. Every women was kissed by the bridegroom and his love healed their hearts. God's presence came in like a river and washed us all in his healing love. I want to thank all of the women that spoke on different topics, health, finances, business, communication, relationships, awareness of human trafficking, mentoring and bridging the next generation. What revelation and encouragement came to fill us again with the truth of God's ways and wisdom so we can walk in his freedom and his fullness in these areas. I want to thank all the vendors that came out and shared their businesses with us.

I want to thank Blaine Irving of The Blaine Irving Multimedia Studios my webmaster in making the website look professional and all the creative touches and ideas you had in developing it. I want to thank Moses for doing live stream and teaching us how to put this all together so we can go to the nations. I want to thank my son for video taping the conference and for Vanessa our photographer for doing a wonderful job taking beautiful pictures of the women. (You will be seeing them up on the website) I want to thank all the prayer warriors that have been interceding and fasting for us over the last few months.

I want to thank all my sponsors that contributed and those that have given in the last 6 months to see God's dream happen. I want to thank my Pastor and Church (First Assembly Of God-Dearborn Heights) for believing in what God is saying among women and giving us the opportunity to use our church to see women to be set free and discipled. I want to say thanks to my God for bringing all my kids in one place to do ministry together with me. I was overwhelmed with God's Love and promises coming to pass right before my eyes!!!! It was a testimony of God's faithfulness and Love to so many others to never stop believing. It was great to see all cultures, ages and denominations there with us as we Loved God, and loved one another fervently.

God surely commanded the blessing upon us that day and I will never forget it!!!!